Eva Abram

Eva M. Abram is a Storyteller/Actor and Keynote Speaker.  Her company name is Rainwater Storytelling. 
   “I chose that name because as rainwater nourishes the plants and animals of the earth, 
        stories nourish us humans.  I grew up collecting rainwater, now I collect stories.  I believe 
        that The Power of Storytelling is Universal ®.  Stories empower us; they illustrate our 
        similarities and give us appreciation for cultural differences.”



Whether delivering a thoroughly researched presentation on history, race relations or telling folktales, Eva's talent and passion for her work shine through.



Performance Recognition:

  • Nominated for a Gregory Award for Best Supporting Actress (Role: Candylady in Hoodoo Love by Katori Hall

  • Won Gypsy Rose Lee Award for Best Supporting Actress (Role: Candylady in Hoodoo Love by Katori Hall 

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Kathya Alexander

Kathya Alexander is a writer, actor, storyteller, and teaching artist.  Her writing has appeared in ColorsNW Magazine, Arkana Magazine, Raising Lilly Ledbetter, and the Pitkin Review.  She has won the Jack Straw Artist Support Program Award; 4Culture’s Artists Projects Award; and the WRAP Award, Youth Arts Award, and the CityArtist Award from Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture.  Her play, HomeGoing, was chosen for residency at Hedgebrook Women’s Writer's Retreat and her play, Black To My Roots: African American Tales from the Head and the Heart, won the Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Award in Edinburgh, Scotland for Outstanding New Production. Her collection of short stories, Angel In The Outhouse, is available on Amazon.



  • Angel in the Outhouse

  • God the Mother: A Creation Story

  • God the Mother Calendar

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Margaret S Barrie.JPG

Margaret S. Barrie

Margaret S. Barrie lives in the Pacific Northwest and was raised in a loving village of family, neighbors, and friends in the Central District of Seattle.  Completed her MA in Human Development at Pacific Oaks College Northwest. She has three major goals as a lifetime learner:  continuously develop her writing skills, thrive in and support her intergenerational community, and a commitment to team building and open dialogue. She’s presently assembling her work into a collection of poetry and short stories.  A member of the African-American Writers’ Alliance (AAWA),  Margaret serves as treasurer; her work has been published in the 2018 AAWA anthology Voices That Matter.  She is also a member of the Renton Writers Workshop and published poems in their 2018 anthology Spotlights. Among her many venues are libraries, bookstores, galleries, and museums. She is a decade-long volunteer at the Seattle Public Library. She can be contacted at:


Helen Collier

Helen Collier, prolific writer of many different genres says writing has been in her spirit since her mother placed a pencil in her left hand and told her, "God made you a left-handed writer for a reason; it's up to you to share with the world what that reason is."  A native of Illinois, she now resides in Auburn, Washington.


  • The Last Judgement

  • Looking for Trouble

  • My Oprah and Recreating the Legacy

  • Ms. Anna and the Tears from The Healing Tree

  • The Two Worlds of Ms. Anna

  • Ms. Anna the Promise Keeper

  • The Unexpected

  • The Unexpected II  2020 The Year When The Face of America Changed

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Minnie A. Collins

Minnie A. Collins, award-winning English professor Emerita, is the author of The Purple Wash (Classic Day 2012), Palm Power: Hearts in Harmony (Vert Volta Design 2018), and Seattle’s Historical Liberty Bank Building Apartments’ Commemoration Plaques (2019). She is published also in Raven Chronicles, Emerald Reflections, Fly to the Assemblies! Seattle and the Rise of the Resistance, Voices That Matter,Threads, (WASCC Humanities Association’s Crosscurrents, Avocet, Southeast Emerald on-line, and is listed Seattle’s 4Culture’s Touring Arts Roster (TAR). An avid attendee and supporter of theater, this is her solo journey from print to stage/film. This evolution process: personal experience to short story/ script writing/readings/ critiques/ professional dramatists’ perspectives, and audience responses can result in meaningful dialogues. Compassion for nature and equity is her mantra.


  • The Purple Wash

  • ​Palm Power

NONI ERVIN photo.jpg

Noni Ervin

Noni Ervin is practically a Pacific Northwest native. Her parents moved to the Greater Seattle area when she was a baby and as a young student, she found success in writing. It wasn’t until adulthood that the enjoyment of writing began and her first publication was born. Verbatim: Living, Loving, Surviving was necessary because everyone has a story to tell, and she has committed her actions in life to speak up for those who have no voice or who cannot speak up for themselves. In fact, this passion is how the Kinara Park Kids ® mini-series was created. It was an effort to create positive images of young Black / African-American children by incorporating the seven principles of Kwanzaa. We want our young people to see positive images of themselves. Write daily.


BARBIE 2.jpg

Miz Portionte' Floes 

Miz Portiontè Floes was born in Chicago Illinois in 1969.  Having grown up in the urban richness of a “concrete jungle” / ghetto, Miz Floes was no stranger to poverty. Throughout her life, Miz Floes has always been fascinated with cultural history as well as literature.  It was through poetry that Miz found her escape from the madness that surrounded her, as a youth-at-risk in a large city. What began as interest or escape, transformed into a career.  Miz’s first poetic manuscript, I’m Still Growing Vol. 1, was published in 2005. 


The emerging writer relocated to Seattle Washington, just prior to the publication of that manuscript. Since the relocation, she has delved even further into the world of poetic verse; authoring five additional poetic manuscripts, and three spoken word theater productions. As her artistry continues to evolve; Miz Floes records her Spoken Word performances accompanied by live musicians! Jazzy Sol Sessionz

Publications :  


  • I'm Still Growing Vol 1  ISBN 9798645782047

  • I'm Still Growing Vol 2  ISBN 9798645775209

  • Soulful X.Pressionz        ISBN 9798646434860

  • Kweendom                    ISBN 9798645691424

  • Da 3rd Hour!                 ISBN 9798644152148


  • BROTHA MAN HAD A PLAN  ISBN 9798673595992

  • MINTY MADE LEMONADE     ISBN 9798674480617

  • WRITING ON THE WIND         ISBN 9798674191582

  • IF YOU KNEW HIM...                ISBN 9798678750716

  • RESILIENCE                               ISBN 9798583742295



  • ROYALTY 2008


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  • YouTube: Miz Floes Jazzy Sol Theater

Monique Franklin

Poet and teaching artist Monique Franklin, also known as Verbal Oasis, hails from Seattle, Washington. Her poetry gives voice to social issues, human relationships, tributes to her many influences, and self-discovery. She is a member of African American Writer's Alliance and is published in their latest anthology Threads. In 2014 she was selected for 4Culture's Touring Artist Roster and the CD Forum's Creation Project. Among her various performance venues are Inside Out Jazz Awards at Benaroya Hall, Women's History Month at Edmond's Community College, and Poetry+Motion at Town Hall. Monique is the owner and operator of Inspired Child, an arts organization that has been providing arts events for youth and families since 2006. She has over twenty years of experience organizing and leading youth arts activities in schools, community centers, and parks. She views her art and her vocation as an educator as vehicles for social change.

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Gail Haynes

Gail Haynes has been a member of AWAA since 2015.  She creates poems that are soulful and sassy, poems that will make you laugh and also reflect on real-life experiences. Among the sites where she has read are Mount Zion Baptist Church, Elliott Bay Book Company, Columbia and Ballard Library, and Life Enrichment Bookstore.  Gail shares her poems at non-profit organizations that stand against injustice. Many of her poems exalt the goodness of the Lord and His amazing power of love to transform lives.  Soulful and Sassy Reflections and Poems is the author's first book. Her advice appears in The Facts in the column"Be Well with Gail." 


  • Soulful and Sassy Reflections and Poems

  • Soulful and Sassy Reflections and Poems

Alvin L.A. Horn

Alvin L.A. Horn is a national award-winning author of eight novels, an acclaimed spoken word artist/poet/musician. He credits his mother, who made him go to the library, and the "little gray-haired Jewish lady, the librarian," a concentration camp survivor who had Alvin read, The diary of Anne Frank. She presented writers such as Richard Wright and Nikki Giovanni, which inspired Alvin to be a writer. Alvin is a retired teacher, works with at-risk kids, and is a 30-year veteran of various print forms.


  • 2001 - Poems from My Dresser Drawer, the poem Trembling, the winner of Best Poem by, The Flava Coffee House Association

  • 2006 - Brush Strokes - Romantic Blues Publishing - A fictional story of one’s past painting the present and future through a romantic journey

  • 2006, AALA award for Best Romance Novel

  • Ebony Magazine - Top Ten Novel of the Year

  • Heart & Soul, Magazine - Best New Erotic Writer

  • 2012 - Perfect Circle, published by Simon and Schuster Publishing, and Zane Imprint -released as the Hottest New Writer. Stalking, violence, and philandering in the Emerald City. The novel reached national bestseller status; an Image Award nominee.

  • 2013 - Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night (Peace in the Storm Publishing) anthology of romantic stories

  • 2014 - One Safe Place, published by Simon and Schuster Publishing and Zane Imprint.

  • Friends and foes, politicians and lovers intersect in love and crime in the Emerald City. The novel reached national bestseller status.

  • 2015 - The Soul of a Man 2: Make Me Wanna’ Holler, (Peace in the Storm Publishing) an anthology of essays concerning the Black man in America

  • 2017 - Bad Before Good & Those In Between, Romantic Blues Publishing

  • Mystery and suspense in Seattle along the streets of Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley -

  • 2019 - Heart & Home, Romantic Blues Publishing

  • 2021 - Journey to Love, Romantic Blues Publishing

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Nakeya Isabell

Nakeya Isabell, a native of Seattle, is one of nine children. The proud alumna of Cleveland High School graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in Advertising. Nakeya enjoys laughing, music, writing, playing basketball, and spending time with family. Passionate about faith, love, justice, and community, Nakeya is a professional mentor with Friends of the Children where she uses her voice and experiences to spread hope. She writes with authenticity and is inspired by her life experiences and observations. She recently released her first spoken word album entitled Love, Justice & Truth. Nakeya plans to live full so that she can die empty.


Leoma James

Leoma James is a young Black poet, storyteller, activist, and educator from Seattle Washington. She primarily writes poetry and short stories that focus on the Black experience, from a global standpoint. She is very energetic and has a passion for immersing herself in culture, language, and history. She is also a world traveler who extended her studies at Washington State University through the Knowledge Exchange Institute, in Nairobi Kenya. Leoma served in Namibia with the U.S Peace Corps from 2017-2019 as a Secondary English teacher and has traveled extensively through Southern and Eastern Africa. She is currently in the process of finalizing her first novel called No Blame, No Shame, No Guilt that discusses her profound experience as a Black American Woman living in Africa and its global perception. Leoma is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Education at the University of Washington and has the desire to support students who are disadvantaged academically and socially due to race, income, immigration status, language barriers, as well as people with disabilities.

james macon.jpg

James D. Macon

James D. Macon is a physician who lives and works in Washington State with his family. Although he spends most of his time caring for others, he also has a strong desire to share his stories. He is the author of "Phosfire Journeys" novels, a Young Adult/Adult Fantasy series, that includes a touch of mystery. 


  • Purveyors and Acquirers

  • Practitioner of the Arts

  • Opener of Doors

  • Guardian of the Trade

  • Champion of the Temple

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Dr. Georgia Stewart McDade

Georgia Stewart McDade loves reading and writing. She grew up writing and producing plays for the youngsters in her neighborhood and collaborated with church youth to write plays for special occasions. As a charter member of the African-American Writers’ Alliance, she began reading her stories in public in 1991. She credits the group with making her write poetry. For a number of years, she has written poems inspired by artists at such sites as Gallery 110, Seattle Art Museum, Columbia City Gallery, and Onyx Fine Arts Collective. For several years Georgia wrote for Pacific Newspapers, especially the South District Journal.   Today she reports for South Seattle Emerald and Leschinews and does interviews for community radio stations KBCS (91.3 FM) and KVRU (105.7) as she continues working on two biographies and poetry.  She hopes soon to publish the journals she kept on her six-month, solo trip around the world.  Copies of her four volumes of poetry called "Outside the Cave" and her first collection of prose, "Observation and Revelations:  Stories, Sketches, and Essays", may be found at the Seward Park Third Place Books.


  •  Travel Tips for Dream Trips

  •  Outside the Cave (with or without photographs)

  •  Outside the Cave II (with or without photographs)

  •  Outside the Cave III​

  • Observations and Revelations

  • ​Outside the Cave IV

  • website
  • Facebook
Copy of kibibi-standard-scale-4_00x-gigapixel.jpg

Kibibi Monié

Kibibi is a native of Seattle and the Executive & Artistic Director of Nu Black Arts West Theatre, the oldest African American Theater Company in Washington State. Ms. Monié is the first African-American to be President of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Seattle local. A graduate of Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA with a BA in Communications, a Masters from the Seattle University in the Executive Director Master Program, and a diploma in cinematography from The New York Film Academy.

Ms. Monié is an accomplished actor, singer, and director who has written several one-act plays and is the only woman that has ever directed the double Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson in a reading of his play “The Homecoming” performed at Seattle’s ACT Theatre in 1997. Kibibi is a Nana (Queen Mother) in Ghana, West Africa. She has worked with; Stevie Wonder, Billy Preston, Kenny G, Gladys Knight, Roy Ayres, Hank Crawford, Brenda Holloway, Major Lance, Rufus Chandler, Martha Reeves, Ben Vereen, and Ruby D.  


Ms. Monié is an active member of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), Sixth Regional Diaspora Caucus (SRDC), Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization's (ASCAC), and Screen Actors Guild / American Federation of Television and Radio Artist (SAG/AFTRA) Executive Committee Seattle National Association Advancement Colored People (NAACP, Historical Central Area Arts and Cultural District (HCAACD) Member.


Rolyat Mosi

Rolyat Mosi is my pen name as I navigate the creative world of collective words aimed at the inside of the mind. I have recently been in the process of editing and revamping writings from yesteryear as I unfold new compositions along many of the content paths noted in my writing experience. I have had a wonderful time working with various community efforts requiring a writer’s support. These efforts have really pull me back from my business-related writing and expand my efforts in the creative compositions that I am now refining.


Anyachi Okonga

Odilia Anyachi Okonga is from Kenya and the Founder of The African School Foundation Netherlands, where Swahili, African History, African culture, and topics that matter to the people of African descent are discussed. In her online Swahili School,, Odilia offers her services as a translator and teacher of Medical, General and Business Swahili. She has also authored 2 Swahili Grammar books in English, French, German and Dutch. Her work in various international organizations makes her easily accommodate people of all cultures. Odilia also facilitates physical African cultural experience through Tours and Travel in Kenya via Educultural Travel, where you get to immerse yourself in the Swahili culture.


  • Swahili Book 1: Swahili For Beginners

  • Swahili Book 2: Learn Swahili Easily


Merri Ann Osborne

Merri Ann Osborne has been intrigued by stories and the art of storytelling since childhood.  In middle school, she started writing stories, plays, songs, and jingles and hasn’t stopped since!  Not one to be pigeon-holed by genres or labels, Merri Ann utilizes various media to express and share her art, including acting, dance, voice-over, producing, and directing. Having lived and traveled abroad, Merri Ann is drawn to writing about the intersection of culture, history, class, and social issues.  She explores how these themes impact relationships and our shared future. Her first published short story, "The Crew," can be found in AAWA's 2018 anthology ‘Voices That Matter’. She is currently putting the final touches on her young adult historical fiction novel ‘City Girl, Country Summer’. You also can find Merri Ann working on productions at 'The Mahogany Project’ an arts organization where she serves as the Executive Director.  


Crystel Patterson

Crystel is a mother to two beautiful boys, a wife, an involved member in her community, a Technology Consultant, and last, but not least, an author. In January 2021, she self-published her first children’s book, which kicked off her "Inspired to Be..." children’s book series. The "Inspired to Be..." book series seeks to spread Black inspiration to ALL children through stories based on the culture, experiences, and dreams of Black people. Each story in the series delivers a universal message that any child can relate to and is inspired by a real person so that children will have a point of reference and can feel inspired to say, "If they can do that, then so can I". Crystel received her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley, but her outlook and experience around inspirational children’s literature for children comes solely from being a mother and a seeker of inspiration.



  • I Am Different (Inspired to be…) 

  • One Flip, Two Flip, Three Flip, Four (Inspired to be…) 

  • Superheroes Here and There (Inspired to be…)

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Lola E. Peters

Lola E. Peters is an essayist and poet living in Seattle, WA. She serves as Editor-at-large for the South Seattle Emerald and has written articles for several publications including The Seattle Star and Crosscut. She writes essays to clear her mind and poetry to cleanse her soul. Her commitment to creating a just and equitable world forms the underpinning of her writing. Her poems have been published in multiple anthologies as well as her own two collections. In addition to her published poems, she has written commentary for and edited several online journals and newsletters. She also served as managing editor of a national newsletter for social justice activists.

Her first book of essays, The Truth About White People, is available at Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle, Third Place Books in Seward Park, and from online retailers. Her two volumes of poetry, Taboos and The Book of David: A Coming of Age Tale, are available at Third Place Books in Seward Park and online at,, and See the Publications page for more details.

Ms. Peters is a proud member of Seattle's African American Writers' Alliance (AAWA) and the Seattle Association of Black Journalists (SABJ). She serves on the board of Onyx Fine Arts Collective. She is also a 2003 graduate of Leadership Tomorrow.

Published articles: 

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Asia Renee

"Poetry was one of my first outlets. It's a way of connecting with myself and others. When I perform, I engage people in different experiences I've lived,  encouraging them to connect with their most authentic selves."

Born in Atlanta GA, Asia Renee lived in foster care for about two years when she was a child, and endured immeasurable grief over several instances of severe trauma & abuse. When her mother regained custody, Asia continued to survive an abusive relationship. As an outlet for her inner pain, Asia began writing poetry at 15 years old in 2005. Although Asia has endured adversities and tribulations, she does not let that categorize who she is. Instead, she draws from those experiences to create art and poetry. She also writes on a range of other topics in relation to her life experiences. Examples include social justice and erotica.

With rough edges, a warm heart, and a tongue as sharp as her intellect, Asia's evolution is an ongoing process that yields an abundance of growth and fruit as time goes on. She is a delicate combination of spicy and sassy and enjoys thinking critically about the processes that drive us.

Asia earned a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services nearly 3 years ago. She has previously worked for a local Washington-based mentoring program called Partnering for Youth Achievement and volunteered for the American Red Cross and a women's shelter locally in the town she currently lives in near the Seattle area. She performs to audiences on college campuses, cultural and social events, and open mics, and on occasion, also facilitates poetry workshops.

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Delbert Richardson

Mr. Delbert Richardson is a Community Scholar, Ethnomuseumologist, and Second Generation Storyteller, of the national award-winning American History Traveling Museum: The "Unspoken" Truths. With the use of authentic artifacts, storyboards, and the ancient art of "storytelling", Mr. Richardson teaches "American History" through an Afrocentric lens. His work is broken into four sections: Mother Africa: which focuses on the many contributions by Africans in the area of science, technology engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.), American Chattel Slavery: the brutal treatment and psychological impacts on African Americans of the Diaspora, The Jim Crow era: The racial caste system that focused on the creation and enforcement of legalized segregation, and Stil We Rise: which focuses on the many contributions in the Americas; Black inventors/inventions.

Mr. Richardson's work is primarily geared towards k-12th grade students as well as professional development training for (primarily) white female teachers that make up over 79% of the national teaching force. D.E.I. ( diversity/equity/inclusion) training is also a part of Mr. Richardson's portfolio.



Award-Winning Museum

  • 2017 National Education Association Carter G. Woodson Memorial Award

  • 2019 City of Seattle, Mayor's Arts Award

  • 2019 Crosscut Courage in Culture Award

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Gaylloyd Sissón

Gaylloyd Sissón writes daily in temperate Western Washington where he lives with his wife Kathleen. In addition to being active in AAWA, he participates in Renton Writers, Puyallup Writers groups, and Pacific Northwest Writers Association. He retired from a thirty-four-year career in education, teaching kindergarten through community college. Since his teens, Gaylloyd has penned memoirs and poems in private journals. His writing has appeared in the Plant Amnesty newsletter, University of Washington’s Voice, and Sacramento’s Poet. An avid hiker, yoga participant, and fair-weather cyclist, he survives Puget Sound’s rainy season by reading good books, playing piano and flute, and drinking plenty of black coffee while eating dark chocolate. A passionate gardener, he has been featured in Vegetable Gardens and Urban Farms magazines. He devotes much of his time to freelance writing, photography and travel, both foreign and domestic. 


  • Controlling The Dams

Michele L. Turner

Michele has roughly 30 years experience in the areas of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, with a Masters of Science degree in Business Continuity from Norwich University. She is the Head of Global Business Resiliency for Amazon. In this role, she has developed the framework and methodology for Business Continuity, providing Leadership for this team, Crisis Management and Resiliency Management (inclusive of Workplace Resiliency) within Amazons Corporate environment. Prior to this, she led Governance, Risk, Compliance and Business Continuity roles within Microsoft, initiating the Operational Risk Management vertical for this organization. Turner is an international speaker on the topic of Business Continuity, Risk Management, and related areas. She is a requested guest lecturer at the University of Washington, on such topics as Cyber Security and Operational Risk, and a Course Instructor and Board Director for Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII). She provides input as a Director of Giving within that orgs Foundation focus, and is also a member of the Conference Boards’ Business Continuity and Crisis Management Council. Michele is a resident of Snohomish, Washington, and a very proud grandmother of two amazing grandsons.


  • Lessons Learned:  Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience 

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Jacqueline Ware-standard-scale-6_00x-gig

Jacqueline Ware

Jaye Ware was born and raised in the PNW. Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and recent playwright; she is drawn to material that taps into social justice and injustice issues. With a heart for children and seniors, Jaye writes stories and prose geared towards their age range. Access to Jaye’s children videos can be found on YouTube; Pop up Time, Children’s Poetry and Prose. She is a member artist with the 4Culture Touring Arts Roster and has a short “on location” staged play titled, Madison Park Bench; located on YouTube, Menrva Labs. She has performed at Town Hall, libraries, museums, on Orcas and Vashon Island, schools, bookstores, and art galleries.

Spread honesty liberally.” Jaye Ware

  • YouTube

Yvonne Smith

Gwendolyn Yvonne Smith is a multi- genre writer. She has written several books ( poetry and a devotional) and is currently working on a screenplay. She attributes her gift and talent for writing to God and Him alone. While working as a Youth Counselor, Yvonne has used her gift for writing poetry on a personal level for the teens tailored to their unique situation as the Lord gave her insight. She’s written poems for pastors on special occasions as well as read them at conferences. During her time at Look up and Live ministries in Phoenix, Arizona, Yvonne was the overseer of the Dramatic Arts Department.




She wrote her first poem in the fifth grade; the year President Kennedy was killed. It was titled "It Was a Sad Thing."  It was well-received from her teacher, printed up, and placed on the school walls for all to read.   From there, she wrote for self-expression mainly because words came together easier that way. Later, she started sharing her writings with others and was told they were too good to keep to herself and needed to be shared with the world.  


She once sat in the presence of Pastor Miles Monroe, a known author of many books, and asked, “How do I get these books out of me”? and He replied, “Jeanette, do not die with those books in you, you write them out."


Her writing genre is still being explored; however, she loves to write about spiritual matters that include poems, articles, short stories, and books.  


Jeanette has written for websites, her own newsletters, and international mission trips for a partner non-profit. She now writes with the belief that her season for publication is now and her first published work will be released soon. 


Jeanette is a native from Seattle, Washington, and a recent member of AAWA (2020).  Jeanette is also a mentor, teacher, Pastor, speaker, and missionary. She is referred to by many locally and abroad simply as Mama J. 


Written Poems:    

 In Him          A Breath Away            He Made a Way          What’s the Plan          Forgive Me

Reginald Doc Williams headshot.jpg

Reginald "Doc" Williams

Reginald Doc Williams was born in Wilson, NC. Doc writes poetry, short stories, screenplays, and songs. He also is an actor and singer. His first screenplay, “Black Creek: A Haunting' is scheduled to begin production post-pandemic. Doc is also putting the final touches on 'Beatific', his book of poetry. Los Angeles acting credits include the role of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the docudrama 'We the People' where he orated portions of Dr. King's 'I Have a Dream speech, as well as a role in the short film 'Emancipation', a period film about a young man who learns he's been freed. Doc also has a comedic side and was a member of the Los Angeles-based sketch comedy troupe 'The Rainbow Collision."

As a singer, he's performed with the gospel group "The Gospel Explosion" and then went on to form the band 'Doc Williams and the Groove'', performing his original songs which ranged in musical style from blues to jazz, R&B to reggae. This spring, he will release three songs on the music platform CD Baby. His poem, "Just Another Dead Nigger" is available for viewing at the link below.


  • Beatific

  • YouTube: Reginald Doc Williams I -- Poem, "Just Another Dead Nigger"