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29 Years of Reading at Elliot Bay Books!! February 27th, 2021

The African-American Writers' Alliance Annual Group Reading at the Elliott Bay Book Company!!

Between the time that is that of many years in passing and the particular way that time has been skewed this past year, we are thinking that for the thirtieth (!) time, Seattle’s African-American Writers' Alliance has given group readings at Elliott Bay - amongst the other places, now, that they have also been reading over the years.

We are talking generations now. Whether this is the actual thirtieth time or not (we believe Randee Eddins is working on a history), it is most certainly the first time we’ve hosted this group of new, aspiring, and also established writers, of varying ages, genres, and experience by virtual means.

Featured Members:

Gail Haynes

Gaylloyd Sissón

Georgia S. McDade, PhD

Helen Collier

Jacqueline (Jaye) Ware

James D. Macon

Margaret Barrie

Merri Ann Osborne

Minnie Collins

Monique Franklin

Noni Ervin

Santiago Vega

See you next year for our 30th Anniversary with Elliott Bay Book Company

  • Saturday, February 26th, 2022

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