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Zeal by James D. Macon

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


My name is James D. Macon. I am a retired, board-certified Pediatrician and Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics. I have had a wonderful 38-year career caring for children and helping them grow into adults.

I am also an author who writes fantasy with a touch of mystery. I have published five books in The Phosfire Journeys series over the past six years. The books in the series are Purveyors and Acquirers, Practitioner of the Arts, Opener of Doors, Guardian of the Trade, and Champion of the Temple. The last book, Champion of the Temple, was released in November 2021.

My writing is for young adults and adults. I believe my stories are appropriate down to a reader in the 4th grade but will still challenge and interest the mature reader.

The Phosfire Journeys is about a sun-kissed orphan by the name of Zeal, a boy who can hold fire within himself. A rare talent that will destroy him and everyone around him if he doesn’t learn to control it. The books chronicle his life from childhood to adulthood. You will witness his humble beginnings, learn and grow along with him, suffer through his failures and mistakes, and hopefully cheer his successes.

It is hard to survive in life by oneself. Fortunately, Zeal is not alone. Tulip, Kit, and Tallen stand with him. Tulip is a weapon’s master. She is an incredible fighter who also has the gift of song. Kit is a Shadow Cat who Zeal meets as a kitten, is telepathic, and able to travel using shadows. She is a formidable huntress who claims Zeal as her own. Tallen is a music maker. He was born with a unique innate relationship with trees and has a kinship with all that grows.

The use of conjure flows throughout the stories. You might better recognize the term…magic. It is rare for a person to be capable of practicing The Arts. Some can use their talent to do good, but not all.

Although each book is an independent story, I suggest reading them in order. The volumes are tied together by characters who acquire their skills and expertise along the way. The life and death challenges they face teach them real-life lessons which I hope are also relevant to the reader. My goal is to plant the desire in you to give my stories a chance. I believe they will capture your imagination and take you on a wonderful journey.

If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear them. I can be reached through my website. There you can view the front covers and read the back cover content that offers a short synopsis about each of the volumes. Links to Amazon for purchase are present as well.

Thank you for spending a bit of your precious time with me.


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For those of you questions to by his books or not, he is a fantastic writer! I’ve read 4/5 books and so far they do not disappoint! I highly recommend Dr. Macon’s work to everybody!

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